Why Should You Drink More Water?

There is a major importance in keeping the body hydrated. While we can survive weeks without food, it is only a matter of days before the body starts to shut down without water. Drinking enough H20 ensures that every organ in the body is working accordingly – and not just when the weather’s hot.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, therefore dehydration can cause mild to serious health complaints, both physically and mentally. With this in mind, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water each day to stay healthy.

Here are six main reasons why should be drinking more water:


  1. Helps control your appetite

If you’re hoping to lose weight, drinking more water could be the answer you’re looking for. Healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables contain approximately 20% water which keeps us marginally hydrated, but it’s important to drink the remaining 80%.

Whenever you get hunger pangs, drink a bottle of water. Why? Quite simply, because the body can play tricks on us and confuses being thirsty for hunger, so while we may be feeling hungry and choose to reach for the snacks, all we really need is a drink of water.

  1. Affects energy levels and brain function

When you’re even mildly dehydrated, the brain’s function can be impacted. A loss of fluid in the body can go on to cause you to lose focus on tasks and even cause anxiety and depression in worst-case scenarios.
While it shouldn’t be consumed as an alternative to food, it would be safe to drink a glass each day as part of your diet plan to help cut down calories – and what’s more, you’re also treating yourself at the same time!

  1. Keeps skin looking good

Most people take pride in their skin and spend a great deal of cash on expensive moisturisers and treatments to slow down the ageing process. Ultimately, the amount of water you drink is the main aspect to think about to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

When the skin is dehydrated, it can start to wrinkle and dry out, but this can be slowed down by drinking plenty of water. Do remember that staying hydrated is not a miracle treatment; it’s likely to be years before the effects of doing so are noticed.

  1. Helps your bowels function

Drinking plenty of water allows your digestive system to operate properly. When you’re dehydrated, it may cause you to suffer from bowel issues such as constipation. Constipation can be treated by incorporating more fibre into the diet and drinking plenty of water. Mineral water has been discovered to be the most effective treatment to relieve constipation symptoms.

  1. Improves exercise performance

If you fail to keep hydrated, your physical performance may suffer, therefore, drinking water is particularly important both before and during exercise. According to a study, participants who did not hydrate the body before exercising started to lose energy approximately 20-30 minutes into their workout, as opposed to those who drank plenty of fluid.

  1. Prevents kidney damage

Drinking water is essential for keeping our kidneys healthy, by removing waste from the body. Failing to drink enough water impacts kidney function and waste remains in the body. If left untreated, there is the risk of kidney failure or urinary tract infections.
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