Benefits of Washing Up Liquid

Washing up liquid is a household essential that we all need within our homes to carry out the cleaning of crockery, but have you ever considered that there are a vast number of other uses for it aside from washing dishes? In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the key uses of washing up liquid:

  1. Weedkiller

Did you know that washing up liquid is the perfect method for killing weeds in garden? It really is a quick and simple solution of mixing salt with white vinegar and spraying it over the plants to instantly kill the roots.

  1. Remote stains on carpeting

If you’re struggling to get rid of tough stains on your carpet, one of the best techniques is to remove them with washing up liquid. Tip two cups of water into a bowl and add one tablespoon of the solution and mix. Dip a clean white cloth into the mixture and dab the stain until it starts to fade or disappear. Next, rinse with clean water.

  1. Wipe kitchen cupboards

Just like your kitchen utensils, your kitchen cupboards and appliances can become grimy and greasy over time and stains can be difficult to remove. Keeping them clean will not only make the room as good as new but will also ensure it is 100% hygienic. Add a small squirt of washing up liquid into a spray bottle of warm water and apply before wiping away stains with a clean damp cloth.

  1. Clean hairbrushes

We use hairbrushes every single day, but did you know that this can pick up several different types of bacteria and dirt? According to research, it can collect up to 3,500 clusters of bacteria as a result of dead skin cells, product build-up, dust mites and oils.
Fill the sink up with warm water and a small squirt of washing up liquid to clean your brushes thoroughly. Once they have been soaped and wiped down, rinse well with warm water and leave them to dry,

  1. Mop the floors

Floors are one of the key areas of the home that contains different types of bacteria such as the likes of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Washing up liquid is just as great for washing the floors as for your crockery and cutlery, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Delicates

You may be wondering how you can wash delicates such as the likes of underwear and wool which are typically damaged when spun in the washing machine. Washing up liquid is a great alternative for washing these garments – simply allow them to soak in warm water with a squirt of washing up liquid.

  1. Kill ants

Do you have an annoying ant infestation around your garden? If so, washing up liquid could be the answer to solve the problem without using a pesticide. Simply add it into a spray bottle and target the ants’ nest.
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