Why Should You Be Stocking Up on Hand Sanitiser?

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitiser has become a lifesaver to help fight against germs while people are away from their homes. With germs spreading catastrophically from person to person, it can be extremely difficult to keep yourself protected against the deadly virus. Luckily, hand sanitisers and gels are a good alternative to soap and water when you’re unable to get to a sink and could potentially limit your risk of contracting illnesses and diseases.

In the past few months, shops and suppliers have been extremely short on hand sanitiser as the health crisis has escalated, which is why many people have chosen to buy the product in bulk.

Hospitals, workplaces and schools, in particular, are some of the most common environments in which germs spread, however, it’s an essential product that you should be adding to your grocery shop.

Here are some of the key reasons you should be stocking up on hand sanitiser:

  1. Cleanliness

As mentioned, hand gels/sanitisers serve a specific purpose – to cleanse your hands and get rid of any harmful germs which could potentially make you seriously ill. Most hand gel products have antibacterial properties which kill 99% of germs, however, it would be recommended to wash your hands with soap and water whenever you are planning on eating food, to ensure almost all of the germs have been washed away.


  1. Portability

One of the main benefits of hand gel is that it can be carried around with ease. Unfortunately, there isn’t always going to be soap and water available whilst out and about, so you can easily slip a bottle of hand sanitiser into your handbag, pocket or glove compartment to keep on top of your hygiene. We all know the feeling of having to wait in a long queue for the loo just to wash our hands which can become very frustrating, so stocking up on a batch of hand gels will be your saviour.


  1. Less risk of illness

In the current pandemic especially, there is a global obsession to maintain both our own health and that of others. When you take a few minutes out of your day to sanitise your hands, you’re limiting your risk of getting poorly. Germs are invisible, so you can never be sure if you have exposed yourself to potential illnesses or disease, which is why carrying a bottle of sanitiser will ensure you cut down the risk.


  1. Soft hands

You may be surprised by this pointer but using hand gel regularly can leave your hands soft and smooth. Hand gels which don’t contain alcohol usually include emollients which can dramatically improve the texture of the skin. If you already suffer from cracked hands, steer clear of gels which contain very high alcohol percentage.


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