How to Save Money on Groceries

Everyone likes to save cash on the common household essentials – after all, being savvy with your money means you can splash out on the finer things in life. Many of us spend hundreds of pounds every week on food and groceries, but you don’t necessarily have to spend that sort of money to get everything you need. In this blog, we’re going to give you some helpful pointers on how you can save money on groceries:


  1. Bulk buying

You may never have thought about bulk buying before, but did you know that it could save you approximately 50% on your grocery shopping in the long-term? Bulk buying is a highly recommended method of shopping if you have a family – you’ll be slashing your grocery bills in half, while still being able to buy your favourite brands.
You may be wondering how this works – well, when you buy anything in large amounts, the individual price of each unit reduces. The good news is that most products that can be bought in bulk can be stored for months on end, so you don’t have to use them up too quickly.


  1. Raid your pantry

When it comes to making meals, have a good look through your pantry and see what ingredients you already have before shopping. Many of us are guilty of doing the weekly shop before checking the pantry to see what’s left. As a result, the food of the back of the cupboard is often forgotten about. You may need to be creative when it comes to making meals out of what’s leftover, but doing so ensures that no food has gone to waste.


  1. Freezer meals

Preparing freezer meals is a great way to save money on groceries. Understandably, this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but if you’re short on time and want to save some cash in the process, it’s a clever tactic. It means you don’t have to worry about eating food too quickly and fresh products will last longer; so you can cut down on the number of times you go shopping. There are many recipes that can be found online to create your very own freezer meals.


  1. Shop in season

If you’re a fan of exotic fruit, you may be drawn to purchasing any fruit that takes your fancy but did you know that those which are out of season are much more expensive than those in season? – and they may not taste that good either. Carry out some research to find out which fruits are in season before buying if you’re looking to cut down your grocery bills.


  1. Stick to a meal plan

It may sound like a grueling task, but sticking to a rigid meal plan could save you a lot of cash when it comes to your grocery shop. Creating a monthly planner with details on what you’ll be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner allows you to stick to a clear list of ingredients for each mealtime, so you don’t end up overspending on unnecessary items.

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