Preparing for a New Baby: What Do You Need?

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have in life. You’re responsible for bringing this new bundle of joy into the world, so you need to be sure you have everything you need to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Being a first-time parent is an extremely daunting prospect and you may be worried about getting the absolute essentials in the early days. In this guide, we’ll list all of the main products you’re going to need for a new baby. It would be a good idea to bulk buy all the products below to ensure you’re well stocked-up for when your little one arrives.


  1. Formula milk

Formula milk provides babies with vital nutrients for healthy growth and development. All new mums should stock up on formula milk in case they’re unable to breastfeed and it would also be a useful essential to keep in your baby bag for when you’re out and about. Formula milk is made from regular cow’s milk but has been specially filtered to make it suitable for a baby’s sensitive tummy. There are many different brands of formula milk to choose from, including the likes of SMA, Cow and Gate and Aptmail.


  1. Baby shampoo

It wouldn’t be recommended to use regular shampoo when washing your baby. Babies have extremely delicate skin and very fine hair which can become irritated by harsh chemicals, such as artificial colours, parabens and SLSs. However, these are contained within regular adult shampoo to get rid of dirt in the scalp as well as making our hair shiny and soft. With this in mind, it would be highly recommended to purchase a specially made gentle shampoo to care for a baby’s sensitive skin and scalp.


  1. Baby lotion

As mentioned, babies have extremely sensitive skin which can become very dry, very quickly. It’s important to moisturise them from head to toe on a daily basis – particularly after bath time. The scalp is particularly at risk of irritation, cracking and sores which can lead to unpleasant conditions such as eczema and cradle cap. Johnson’s Baby Lotion would be a suitable moisturiser for your baby, as it’s formulated to minimise the risk of allergies and includes natural coconut oil to keep the skin feeling soft and healthy.


  1. Baby powder

Talc has been used for centuries for health and beauty purposes but is also a must-have for your baby checklist. After changing their nappy, applying talcum powder to your baby’s bottom will prevent rashes and chafing, as it absorbs moisture and keeps the skin feeling silky soft.

We have a wide range of baby products on our website that can be bought in bulk to ensure you have everything you need for when your new baby comes into the world. If you’d like any more information on any of our products, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to chat with you.

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