How to Make Your Bar Soap Last Longer

You may believe that many people don’t use bar soap anymore as it’s well and truly a thing of the past, but what you may not realize is that it is still widely available. Bar soap has been around for longer than any of us can remember and it’s not about to come off the shelves any time soon. However, one of the reasons why you may choose bottled soap as opposed to bar soap is that after several uses, it can become a small slither left at the side of the shower. There are, however, several things you can do to increase the lifespan of your bar soap, as follows:

1. Keep it dry

One of the main reasons why your bar soap doesn’t last very long is for the fact that it’s constantly exposed to water. Don’t keep it on the ledge of the shower or next to the sink as the excessive steam and water flow will cause the soap to disintegrate and run down the sink. Instead, cover it up and store it after each use or place it in a soap dish that drains the water and not the suds. It would be a good idea for each member of the household to have their own bar of soap to be kept in the cupboard so that it is not in constant use.


2. Use a washcloth

While you may use your hands to lather up the soap, it will become washed away down the sink if you don’t need the excess. As an alternative, it would be wise to use a flannel to lather up the suds as it will retain the suds within the material and be used at the end of the day. As a result, you’ll use less soap and very little will go to waste. Just be sure that you only use your flannel a couple of times before washing it thoroughly, as it will start to smell musty and bacteria may potentially grow.


3. Cut the bar into chunks

You may take it as a given that a larger bar of soap will last longer than a smaller bar, right? Not necessarily. Cutting your soap bar into smaller chunks could increase its lifespan, as less of the bar will be exposed to water and steam and therefore, won’t be as quick to melt.


4. Lower the heat

The temperature of the water can have an impact on the lifespan of the bar of soap. While there’s nothing better than getting a good amount of lather thanks to the steam of a hot shower, it will make your soap bar melt at an extremely quick pace, as it takes a long time to get a handful of suds. Therefore, aim to use cold water as much as possible so your soap bar will have an elongated lifespan.

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