Disinfecting Your Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

There’s still very little known about how to protect ourselves against COVID-19, however, it’s important we do everything in our power to stay healthy during such an unprecedented time. At the current time, all that is known about the spread of the disease is that it transmits from person to person through close contact or via droplets on surfaces, which is either inhaled or consumed.
The home is somewhere where we should feel safe from harm, therefore, you must keep up a strict cleaning regime to prevent the spread of the disease to your family.
Research determines that cough and sneeze droplets can remain on surfaces for hours and hours which can then be transferred to the eyes and mouth if it comes into contact with your hand and wiped onto your face. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your home clean.

Become more aware

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made people much more aware of how germs are spread and the surfaces they’re coming into contact with, but despite being cautious, there is still a very high risk of catching the disease. It would be in your best interests to try and limit the amount of time you spend in public places, as this is where you’re at a much higher risk of contracting the virus, but it is also important to maintain a strict cleaning regime in the home. to minimise your exposure to the disease.

Please do follow the instructions listed on the product in terms of use and health and safety reasons Most products do recommend:

  • Leave the surface damp
  • Wear plastic gloves.
  • Open windows and doors to allow for good ventilation to prevent breathing in harmful chemicals.
  • Use warm water to clean surfaces after spraying
  • Store chemicals out of reach of children and pets
There are several surfaces which you should aim to clean daily – these include:
  • Door handles and knobs
  • Kitchen and bathroom worktops
  • Tabletops
  • Wooden and plastic chairs
  • Light switches
  • Computer and mouse

The above would be a good starter in keeping your home free of germs, however, think closely about which surfaces are high-traffic areas within your home.

There are various types of disinfectants to purchase, including the likes of:
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
Should you disinfect food packaging?

It’s not essential to clean the packaging of your food packaging according to the FDA, as it doesn’t necessarily hold germs. However, if you feel more content in doing so, you could simply wash your packaging in soap and water before storing.

Should you disinfect packaging through the mail?

Yes, it would be advised you disinfect packaging as soon as it reaches your door. There are studies to suggest that packages are at risk of holding droplets which may potentially contain COVID-19 germs; therefore it would always be worth wiping packages down with disinfectant before bringing them into the home.
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