Why Feed Your Baby Formula Milk

Breastfeeding and formula milk are two different feeding options that all mums should have the decision to make for themselves. While the saying is ‘breast is best’ has become gospel to some mums, others will argue that formula milk is the most suitable choice for them. No-one should be judged for feeding their baby the way they wish to – and whether it’s by breast or bottle, babies should still get the nourishment they need.
There are many reasons why mums choose to feed their baby with formula milk, as follows:

  1. It gives you freedom

New mums have already had to go through nine months of pregnancy and have had to closely monitor every single thing they eat to keep their baby healthy. Formula feeding gives mums some of their freedom back in the sense that they don’t have to worry about which foods they should be eating more and what to avoid or worry about the most suitable form of clothing when it comes to breastfeeding.

  1. It’s convenient

One of the best reasons to feed your baby on formula milk it’s because it’s extremely convenient. When mums who breastfeed go back to work, it can cause major complications when it comes to feeding and must remember to pump milk into bottles when the baby is in the care of others. Formula milk, on the other hand, can be left for the babysitter with very little notice and planning needed – and cuts out time both searching for the pumping bra and carrying out the activity before you leave the house every day.

  1. They get the right vitamins

If you’re worried about your baby getting the right nutrients to maintain good health and wellbeing, you can be assured that formula milk contains all of the essential vitamins they need for growth. Some of the key vitamins included in formula milk are:

  • Calcium
  • Fat
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamin D
  1. Know their calorie count

If you worried about whether your baby is getting the right number of calories, one of the benefits of formula milk is that you know exactly what it contains, thanks to the label. When it comes to breastfeeding, calorie count does differ between each feed, so you can never be sure if your baby is getting enough calories at any one time, unlike formula milk which is created to satisfy your baby’s hunger pangs and equip them with the correct number of calories for healthy growth and wellbeing.

  1. It allows others to bond with your baby

Although breastfeeding is the perfect way for you and your little one getting to know each other and bond in the early days, it can be difficult for others to build a relationship with your newborn when they don’t have feeding duties. Bottle-feeding with formula milk allows other members of the family to take part in the experience and allows them to create an emotional attachment – with the bonus that you get a break too.
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