How to Stockpile Sensibly for Lockdown

When the news was released that lockdown was approaching due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, millions of Brits panicked that shops would be closing and wouldn’t be able to get their hands on essential products. With online businesses remaining open, it’s still possible to get everything you need without having to leave your home.

The reality is that no-one knows how long this situation will go on for or how bad the next few months will be, so a little bit of stockpiling isn’t a bad thing providing you do so in moderation. In doing so, you won’t have to venture out of the house unnecessarily. In this blog, we’ve put together a useful guide on how to mass-buy sensibly during the lockdown:


  1. Pantry foods

The best place to start when it comes to sensibly stockpiling is to buy products with a long shelf life, such as tinned and dry foods. It would be best to prioritise this type of food in your weekly shop so that you don’t have to buy too much fresh that isn’t eaten before it’s best before date.

Tins such as soup, tomatoes and beans are highly versatile goods and can be used to create several dishes. Dry food products such as pasta, rice and herbs are also useful for stashing at the back of the cupboard and seeing you through periods when stock is low. As you are unable to get out of the house and enjoy yourself, it’s only fair that you splash out on some comfort foods such as biscuits and chocolate – and don’t forget the alcohol


  1. Fresh food

Although fresh foods such as butter, milk and meat go bad fairly quickly, you can store them in the freezer if you have enough room, which should keep them fresher for longer. Try to be reasonable when purchasing these types of foods though as they’re in the most demand by shoppers. Finally, aim to buy frozen fruits and berries over fresh fruit, as these bags can be kept in the freezer for a long period of time.


  1. Household amenities

Toilet roll is one of those daily essentials you don’t think too much about until you run out, so it’s always worth stocking up while you can. Hand sanitiser is also worth purchasing in bulk so you can keep a stash for your car or handbag, especially if you’re a key worker and can’t always get to the sink to wash your hands. As sanitiser is extremely hard to come by due to the current situation, it would be well worth putting your order in as soon as you can – and the same goes for hand wash.

It would also be a good idea to purchase over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and Calpol in case of minor illnesses and don’t forget to buy a stash of pet food to keep your furry friends well-fed.


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